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After Losing Hope for Change, Top Left-wing Activists and Scholars Leave Israel Behind

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Israel prides itself on being the only democracy in the region, yet no democracy silences dissent from its own intellectual class. This is a familiar trait of more restrictive regimes.

From the article originally published in Hareetz, “People with a similar political profile to mine have the feeling that we have been defeated and that we will no longer be able to exert a meaningful influence in Israel. In a profound sense, we do not see a horizon of repair, of true peace or a life of quality. A great many people understood this and looked for another place to live. There is something quite insane in Israel, so to look at it from a distance is at least a little saner.”

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  1. lily zanrosso
    This is very interesting as more people must leave as it will be a quagmire forever and will alway's remain Palestine.These zionists are a cancer not only in the middle east but around the world and that includes the Christian zionists.
    • Greg Giannis
      Hi Lily, Thank you for the comment. It does not seem to be a very good situation from these comments. If a society as a whole can not tolerate any dissent or healthy debate from its citizens, then it cannot call itself a democracy and change from within is less likely. Greg

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