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BDS Australia HP campaign: sign the pledge

by admin

Did you know that HP and their spin-off companies supply Israel with the technology, equipment, and information used to perpetrate human rights violations against Palestinian people? Our friends at @BDSAustralia have put together a pledge that you can sign to the Managing Director of HP to let them know that you will not purchase any HP products until they cancel all contracts that violate the basic human rights of Palestinians. Sign the pledge here: 

They are running a social media campaign this Saturday 28/11/2020 and asking people to share these campaign tiles. Save a tile by right-clicking on the image, selecting “save image as …” and saving to your hard drive. Then you can send and share.

FPM on our facebook will share these 7 tiles throughout the day. Please watch our facebook on Saturday and share too.
Some information on the HP Boycott call – because HP are involved in: 

  • Providing services and technology to the Israeli army and police that maintain Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and the siege on Gaza
  • Maintaining Israel’s central ID system and data base for the Israeli police, used to enforce a system of racial segregation and apartheid against Palestinian citizens of Israel
  • Supporting Israel’s colonisation by maintaining information on Israeli citizens in illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank
  • Operating a research and development centre in the illegal Israeli settlement of Beitar Illit in the occupied West Bank

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