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Palestinian Genocide Poem: “And Then They Stole The Falafel”

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And then they stole the falafel

The violent, lying Zionists stole
Three cities, hundreds of villages and towns,
All of the ancient land of Palestine,
An ancient land ethnically cleansed.

They stole the  human rights of Palestinians,
Of Exiled Palestinians, Occupied Palestinians,
And of  Israeli Palestinians living as oppressed
Third Class Citizens under race-based laws.

They stole the lives of two million Palestinians,
A hundred thousand dying violently, and
Over two million dying from imposed deprivation
In a Palestinian Holocaust and Palestinian Genocide.

They stole the futures of millions of  children
Abusively  imprisoned without charge or trial
In refugee camps, West Bank ghettoes,
And the blockaded Gaza Concentration Camp.

They stole the future of all the World’s children
Under threat from  Israeli  and other nuclear terrorism,
And stole free speech in Zionist-subverted
America, Britain, Canada and Australia.

They stole an ancient  religion, Judaism,
Subverting humanism for evil state terrorism,
And  the actual history of the non-Semitic Ashkenazim
And of  other Jewish peoples around the world.

They stole the very name of Israel,
The ancient name of  Torah-observant Jews,
And the religious  language of Hebrew,
In the interests of Anglo-American imperialism.

They stole the ancient city of Al Quds,
The third holiest city  for Muslims,
And backed America in the US-imposed, post-9-11
Muslim Holocaust and Muslim Genocide.

They stole the Jewish Israeli heritage
Of Berber, Arabic and Yiddish language,
And with evil America helped destroy
Aramaic-speaking societies from Palestine to Iraq.

They stole the flag of Apartheid Israel
From the innocent  Greeks, with the Star of David
Stolen from anti-Zionist  Orthodox Judaism;
Their national anthem they stole from Smetana.

They stole the reputations of anti-racist Jews,
And of all those opposed to genocide and Apartheid.
They stole the name of a hill facing the Mount of Olives,
Renaming it for  genocidal psychopath Herzl.

And then they stole the falafel.

Gideon Polya, 31 May 2020

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