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Violent settlers on the move

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Emboldened by Trump and Netanyahu, violent settlers are once again trying to seize Mount Al-Urma, one of the highest mountains in the occupied West Bank and a strategic position for Israelis.

But the people of nearby town Beita aren’t going anywhere. They’re holding 24-hour vigils to protect the mountain amidst threatening social media calls for its takeover. 

We can’t physically link arms and sit down with the Palestinians of Beita, but we can use our grassroots power to work against Trump’s “peace plan.”

Will you raise your voice in solidarity with the Palestinians of Beita?

Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner are trying to convince us that their one-sided apartheid plan is somehow good for Palestinians. But these are the kind of far-right settlers it’s already inspiring. Palestinians have rejected the plan, along with 50 former European foreign ministers and leaders, a group of Catholic bishops, most members of Congress who value international law, and many other leaders across the world.

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